GuruVw Tutorial

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TIPS for users (LOGIN):
1.Use Chrome for log in. Even in apple use chrome browser.
2.If you getting any trouble, copy paste link instead of clicking it.
3.Allow permission for mic and camera if being asked.
4.As most others are able to log in. only a few sometime not able to listen as some setting in there phone is disabling them. They can restore default setting, clear cache and use . it will work. 
5. As last resort use other phone or tab or computer.



TIPS for users(in meeting):
1.Guest shall enter the password and name to identify
2.Once meeting is on, user shall not unmute themself during presentation
3.Use headset to save background noise. can send message to moderator or in public chat room or privately to moderator who will assist you.
5.during Q&A attendee can open cam or video mode as they deem fit.
6. Presentation/moderator shall use laptop for ease of managing meeting.

Video Recordings
These are saved on server. Presenter Screens are saved. Plz check same room where the meeting held.
It is saved in 2 formats
1.Podcast…only sound..which is ready faster. may take few hours to be ready.
These link can be shared with other attendee for reference.

How to Log in as a Viewer
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General Meeting View
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