Classes and Meeting made easy with GuruVw

Painless | Secure | For ALL

Tutor Logs In to GuruVw Account
Send Class URL
Student Logs on to GuruVw


Tutor Approves entry to the Class


Use any browser or GuruVw apps!


Meetings on secure servers,
*new password for each meeting,
* TLS, HTTPS, Checksum, secret keys, SRTP, DTLS are some of the deployed security mechanisms,
*moderator!. *configurable Permissions to users.

Breakout Rooms

*Create groups in classes, randomly or manually to facilitate Group Based e-Learning Assignments.

Meet anyone, anywhere

*Create Online Classes or Meetings;
*1 on 1 e consultations
*e-training, teams or stream live
*events across any platform!
*No limit of time/meeting or user/meeting

Digital Whiteboard

*Draw, write, doodle and collaborate complex equations live with all participants !
*Virtual markers
*Share any Video(High quality), audio, screen or application window. *Get polled for views !


*Replay recorded classes with the discussions at students preferred time for quick and easy recap!


*Pass notes or whisper to other classmates,
*express your feelings with emojis all without the teacher knowing!

One Application Uses

GuruVw's technology can be used in many scenarios such as:

• Education
• E Learning / E Classes
• Online Training
• Video Conferencing
• Online Training
• Online Coaching
• Remote Counselling
• Online Healthcare / Telemedicine
• Staff Onboarding
• Software Demos
• Ecommerce

and many more!

FAQ for MCST Buildings
(Counsel/AGM meetings) 

GuruVw can help MCST & Counsel meetings in following ways:

1.It will help to record all meetings increasing transparency among SP. Many times the essence of discussion is lost in Minutes.
2.Counsel Meetings & AGM can held remotely 

3.Each SP can vote & polls can be automated for faster action

4.Variable Voting value can be set so as to get the correct opinion of SP.

5.The Presence % can be better as SP can attend it from their home or office without travel.
6.They will have space on our servers where the Recordings can be saved and kept for future references.
7. This will improve better communication, efficiency and transparency.

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How it

Plug and Play with popular

Ready API to quickly integrate with new LMS if integration is not done yet.

Our elearning / tele conferencing solution is currently free for all countries affected by the COVID lockdown for their education / e learning purposes.

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